Invited by a friend from San Francisco, who is the co-founder of NPO called Mali Kalanso, I sought the new country Mali (and was my first being in Africa) without having too much plan or thought. (Countless vaccines were a must, however.)
For me it was obvious that the purpose of this trip was to photograph, although I often found myself facing dilemmas as there were specific atmosphere, scent or breeze that was impossible to confine onto film. (In truth, I always have that dilemma anyway.)
People in Senegal did not want a stranger photographing them.  They literally refused. (Which certainly bummed me out while I totally understood. I told myself to take it easy, to bring my eyes down in an attempt to let things happen without my curiosity arising.)
In fact, I am not sure if I photographed enough or at all. But I hope and am certain that this gave me something beyond that, a valuable experience.
All in all, I had a golden time. Picturesque scenery, adorable village children, wonderful people and great company.
I believe that meeting incredible people are the biggest events in one’s life. I always feel that experience and anticipation push me to the next new embarkment.
I already have some projects  cooking in me for this year.
Perhaps it was a good kick in the back from someone, and now I have flood of thoughts on things I would like to do and will pursue.

The first month gushed by already but I look forward to seeing you more in the year 2012.

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